The Bible must be divinely inspired

It is pretty common to hear people say that the Bible can’t be divinely inspired or the word of God because there are too many contradictions and nobody can agree on its meaning.  How can God be real if we can’t agree on what God is like and there are so many Christian denominations all supposedly referring to the same book but disagreeing with each other?  It must prove that God is a phoney and didn’t make us all or we’d agree.

My contention is that this is the exact reason why the only logical conclusion is that the Bible must be divinely inspired and cannot be the works of ordinary people, particularly at the time it was written without any means for collaboration.

To try and demonstrate my point try to think of what you consider the greatest book ever written.  It might be the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, or it might be Lord of the Rings, or it might be Moby Dick, or a work by Shakespeare.   I’ll pick Moby Dick simply because it is a classic but is also difficult to read.  Even this classic has maybe 5 ways for it to be read.  It could just be a good story about the high seas, or may be a good story with some lessons in it, or it could be about one man’s journey with his mind, or as some say it could be about one man’s struggle with his spirituality and ultimate success over his own ego.  I’ve said five because there might be another way I can’t think of.

Most books have one or two ways it can be interpreted or three at best.  I think that’s why Moby Dick is a classic and has stood the test of time over all these years; it has so many layers of complexity.

Now the Bible doesn’t have 5 ways to be interpreted and not even 50 ways to be interpreted but has countless ways it can be interpreted and each way seems to be so convincing that it is often used as proof to show how the other ways can’t possibly be right.  Here are some examples I can think of right now – I’m sure you could add some, and I’m not even going to get into the nitty gritty over particular issues such as homosexuality or sex before marriage or eating shellfish.

  • There are so many contradictions in the Bible (one web site lists over 100) that it can’t possibly be right so the Bible is proof that God can’t exist.
  • There are so many prophecies in the Bible (one web site lists hundreds) and all have been proven to have come true so it must be the work of God.
  • The Bible is to be taken literally.
  • The Bible is written in parables to be read with the understanding of the reader.
  • God should have made it clear so that anybody could read it and understand it.
  • The Bible is easy to read and understand.
  • The Bible can only be understood with guidance from the Holy Spirit.
  • It is historical fact.
  • It is a good story and nothing more and may be loosely “based” on fact but is not factual in any sense of the word.
  • It is not divine but has some good rules that can be applied to your life.
  • The Bible is encrypted with mathematical code to reveal its true meaning.
  • It is the Word of God.
  • It has been through so many translations you can’t trust the words.
  • The meaning is what is important.
  • God is loving and merciful.
  • God is a psychopathic murderer that demands loyalty or he’ll condemn you for eternity.
  • The Bible is a rule book with clear instructions on how to live your life.
  • The Bible is a metaphysical guide to deeper understanding.

That’s just a short list and I can understand why any one person has any one particular point of view but how is it logically possible that people have those incredibly different and contradictory views about the one book and each thinks they are right?

It isn’t logically possible at all and it doesn’t happen with any other book.  Sure, there are disagreements over personal preferences and likes but not fundamental disagreements over content and meaning.

In my opinion, the Bible is a map of humanity as it is now and as it has been through history and at various stages of maturity for the individual, and also as it is and as it could be.  When you look at that map you can recognise features that are familiar to you, and that’s how you derive your “meaning” of its words.  That is why people are so adamant that what they see is what is there – the map shows them what they recognise and because they recognise what’s already there it is true for them.  How else can you explain so many different meanings for so many people unless they are all there within the words, waiting to be revealed by the individual reader?

How could people thousands of years ago and with no real way of collaboration have devised such an utterly clever and simple way to reveal humanity to itself with all of its complexity, contradictions, beauty and also conflicts?

I can only conclude that it was inspired.

What do you think?

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14 Responses to The Bible must be divinely inspired

  1. wisejunction says:

    It was definitely inspired. People see contradictions because they are too lazy to truly study it and most of the time they can’t even name the contractions. With good in-depth study and the help of the Holy Spirit who leads us to truth we can find out that they really aren’t contraditions. It is just our lack of understanding. There are so many things throughout the entire Bible that point to it being inspired. Too much to go in to here.

    • Hi wisejunction,

      Thanks for your comment. I think it might be a bit of a generalisation to say people who see contradictions are too lazy to study it. Google 101 Bible contradictions and you’ll see a list and there’ll also be a counter argument for each one somewhere. There are people out there who relentlessly study the Bible to prove its inadequacies – they are not lazy at all, and funnily enough they find evidence to prove their understanding. They aren’t blind either so what they see is written in the pages for them. Then others find counter evidence to disprove their findings. Each one convinced they have it right.

      I think its awesome how it works. Yes, truly inspired.

  2. themathofgod says:

    Hi thirdobservation,

    At first I thought we were on the same track but had different beliefs. But after reading your posts, I no longer think our beliefs are that different. I like the way you approach your posts and will definitely be following and commenting.

  3. mrgoodnkinky says:

    Frankly I find it absolutely amazing that you failed to research any history before making such wild and easily disproved claims. The Bible is a collection of Stolen stories not Divinely Inspired!
    Theft is not Divine Inspiration!

    1. The Flood Story Stolen from the Sumerians!
    The Epic of Gilgamesh –

    2. Ten Commandments Stolen from the Egyptian Book of the Dead!

    3. Sodom & Gomorrah was the site of a Nuclear bombing
    Another Story Stolen from the Sumerians!

    This one actually completely disproves the bible / Christian claims of the earth being only 6,000 years old. “Mesopotamian aridity which is AMA radiocarbon dated to 4025 cal. years BP [Before Present] and which persisted for approximately 300 years.”

    This is older then the Bible claims of Adam & Eve which is 4004 BP!

    The Sumerians society goes back a lot further then this as well.

    As for your claim of “God is loving and merciful.”
    That can only be claimed if one is Seriously Cherry Picking the bible.

    Here is a web site that lists the over 2.2 Million the Bible God Killed which doesn’t include the 2 cases of Genocide or the Brutalization of the Egyptians that ended with the Slaughter of all First Born Children.

    To call the bible God Loving & Merciful is as much of a joke as the Muslims saying Islam is a peaceful religion. Right after saying, “Behead those who insult Allah.”

    And this wasn’t even addressing all of your claims but only a few.

    • Hi mrgoodnkinky,

      Thanks for your comments. If you take the position that the Bible is the ONLY divinely inspired book then your argument about theft is correct. But that’s only if that base assumption is correct, otherwise the argument holds no grounds.

      If you take the position (as I do) that it is one of many divinely inspired works then the corroborating circumstantial evidence gives rise to a greater probabliltiy of a certain outcome (that it is divinely inspired). The fact that so many civilizations from around the world (including African, Australian aboriginal, American Indian, Egyptian and Mayan etc) have similar stories of creation and spirits would lead a court to presume that “beyond reasonable doubt” the stories have been corroborated. We both know “evidence” is not “proof” in either court or science but it does indicate a greater probability.

      I did say that the Bible is a “map” of humanity. I acknowledge that some of humanity makes me want to puke. I don’t hide from that and neither does the Bible.

      There is also the issue that it would be impossible to go to God of your own free will if the Bible was iron-clad-no-doubt-about-it fact and indisputable. There needs to be wriggle room for it to work as intended.

      I made no claims about historical or scientific facts and I don’t read it as a text book. I’d be happy if you addressed the actual content of the blog post (the myriad of interpretations that happen with no other written works) so we can discuss that aspect. But I’m also happy to go down your path if that’s what you prefer but you won’t find me trying to tell you it is “fact”, after all how many historians can agree on the “facts” of even recent history?

      • mrgoodnkinky says:

        The Divine Inspiration is frankly crap because the other cultures like Egyptian & Sumerian do not call their Gods by the name your religion does. So those text can’t be used to try and apply to your God.

        You simply can’t try and make the God concept a generic term that because there have been Thousands of Gods worshiped in human history that magically the sadistical God of the bible wins by default.

        Additionally if you want to use the, other cultures mentioned it, idea then why aren’t you going by the Gods of the Original ones to come up with the stories the one that it is based on? Which would be the Sumerian’s not the Israelites!

        It is intellectually dishonest to try and claim that cultures that existed thousands of years before your religion were talking about your God. Especially when your God wasn’t mentioned by them in any text.

        All of what I pointed out shows where Your bible wasn’t divinely inspired but the byproduct of Theft from earlier cultures. In order for you to claim that an earlier culture is talking about your bible then you would have to show Evidence to support this idea. Just because your say something doesn’t magically make it true.

        Add to that the history of Christian’s Lying / distorting the facts not only doesn’t show your religion to be true or correct but seriously hurts your credibility.

        The bible is a brutal & sadistic book of death and scribblings not one that any saine person would actually try and look to for morals. After all do you consider it moral to kill a child because they mock someone? Or because they disobeyed or as a human sacrifice?
        The absolute immoral & unethical nature of the bible is right there. All you need to do is read it without trying to tear out the nasty parts that you don’t like. Look at the whole work not just the pieces of it that fit your agenda.

        Because I would argue to demand others think as you do or be tortured is an immoral proposition in itself not a moral one. The Scapegoating and Manipulation of the Jesus myth is undeniable.

    • Hi again mrgoodnkinky,

      I was thinking about your comment last night and also a post made by themathofgod who commented to my post earlier. You can read his post about the nature of truth (it isn’t God based but a very simple and clear reflection on truth from a mathematical perspective) by following this link:
      (I hope the link works otherwise cut and paste)

      There are essentially two states for “God”, either God is real or God is not real. Anything else we say about “God” including the name is just a value we arbitrarily assign to the state, so we’ll stick to the on-off (real/not-real) state.

      Let’s examine both options and see what I come up with, I’m interested to hear what you come up with which is why I’m writing this.

      Firstly, God is not real, there is no God or ethereal conscious intelligent spirit that directs or creates, just physical phenomema. In that case the Bible is (as you’ve said) a series of stolen stories collected from history and the imaginations of the authors. How then do you explain my contention that it is the only book ever written with such controversy? Take The DaVinci Code as an example. It is a good story loosely based on fact and some people think it is a secret to unlocking secrets. But there’s no raging controversy. There are no forums devoted to it or lives lost because of it. How was this done thousands of years ago by so many diverse authors with no means of collaboration? Why is the Bible different?

      Option 2 is that God is real. You (and very many others) like to quote the Bible to prove that God is not real. That means that as a book to explain God to us, it is a dismal failure and God is effectively stupid and made a big mistake in writing it. Well, either God made a mistake or you and the others have. 🙂 Or, there is another possibiity (as I’ve eluded to in my original post) that you are reading it exactly as intended and the author was not stupid but exceedingly clever to allow each person reading it to find their own truth and have it supported by what they read. To me the evidence of this is obvious by just our own discussions. Each Christian denomination believes their own version is correct so it even works within Christianity.

      Any way you look at it (from my perspective), the Bible is more than just a piece of fiction, and even more than an ordinary piece of non-fiction. It is inspired.

      Obviously I’m still exploring this and these are my conclusions. I would appreciate your comments to see this in a different light.

      • mrgoodnkinky says:

        You can’t be serious in thinking because the Christian religion has survived that the God exists. This shows a serious lack of understanding about how Christianity spread. Christianity spread not through a God showing miracles or evidence that it exists but by the edge of a sword. The early Christian’s burned text which they didn’t like and slaughtered people of different beliefs unless those people converted to the Christian / Catholic religion. This was continued for hundreds of years through what has to be the most violent and evil period of human history (The dark ages) a period where knowledge didn’t increase but was actually repressed.

        A Prime example of Christianity being Pure Evil is the American Holocaust. Where nearly all Indian tribes were Genocided. Over 100 Million Indian’s died because of the Christian’s spreading their Faith. Spreading the faith simply meant going up to someone and saying, “Convert or Die” while holding a sword or later a gun.

        This doesn’t offer proof the God of that religion is true but only shows that using violence, torture & death is one method in ensuring ones religion will survive. Nowhere in Christian history can anyone point to those in the religion using Peaceful, Loving or Merciful methods of spreading their religion.

        The reason it is maintained today is largely people do not think for themselves. It is simply easier to say you believe in something rather then to look for the evidence as to is that thing real or not. Most Christian’s believe in God because they want to believe in God. They don’t care about historical facts or evidence but simply they believe in belief.

        A Consciousness behind the Universe would no more care about our Thoughts & Society then a Human would care about the Thoughts & Society of inchworms. If you are screaming at an Inchworm that they are not living up to Your standard, or going to inchworms and trying to give them a list of commandments that they must do or face your wrath. Then you are in serious need of a visit from the men in white coats.

        I would contend the same would be true for a consciousness that exists in a completely different dimension then we do. Also a Consciousness behind the Universe is not a Theistic God as there is no evidence a Consciousness behind the Universe would care about human thoughts or behavior.

      • OK,

        You’ve ignored my discussion about the Bible (regardless of the existence of God) and we are now discussing if God exists and if so then what type of God that is, and specifically if Christianity is a good deal.

        I can live with that.

        I never said that because Christianity survives it shows God exists. Please don’t assume my beliefs based on someone else’s dogma. Christians may be totally confused and be worshipping Brahman and not know it, then again both Hindu and Christian may be worshipping nothing (as in the absolute void) and each of the “named Gods” may be illusions created in maya. Wouldn’t Zeus chuckle at that? Misconception neither proves nor disproves a God-like entity.

        I agree with you on the violence of religion. I put the blame squarely at the attitude of “my dogma is right therefore you must be wrong”.

        That’s the same as the dogma that says a consciousness doesn’t care. There is no evidence that it does or does not care, but belief and dogma. I can summarise your responses to me in a simple way…. “I interpret the Bible and Christianity in a particular way and it is the right way and the only way to interpret God. That interpretation shows God is an ass and therefore God does not exist. You are wrong if you believe otherwise since my belief is right.”

        Dogma fighting dogma. I was hoping to avoid dogma, but I know that is a very tall order.

        I believe there is a consciousness behind the universe. I also believe that does not exclude the notion of a “God” or God-like entity, just as it does not exclude the notion of atheism. I also believe many religions have tried to explain the inexplicable with varying degrees of success and approaching it from different perspectives. None are right or wrong but all are by their very nauture incomplete. Can you prove otherwise without resorting to dogma? You seem to have very strong beliefs on the matter so I would assume that it is not based on dogma or simply believing in belief.

        • mrgoodnkinky says:


          I am not the one being dogmatic. You had asked, “How then do you explain my contention that it is the only book ever written with such controversy? Take The DaVinci Code as an example. It is a good story loosely based on fact and some people think it is a secret to unlocking secrets. But there’s no raging controversy. There are no forums devoted to it or lives lost because of it. How was this done thousands of years ago by so many diverse authors with no means of collaboration? Why is the Bible different?”

          Then when i pointed out why the bible was different you said, “You’ve ignored my discussion about the Bible.” Which is not true at all. I explained how the Christian Bible survived as long as it has by pointing out the behaviors of the Christian’s which believed it so strongly they were willing to Torture & Kill anyone that didn’t share their views. This is how the bible survived. Without this behavior by the Christian’s the book of their religion would not have survived.

          The two are directly connected. I wasn’t and will not get pulled into arguments based on ignorance or selective memory of history. Show me book, chapter and verse where this God is only a Consciousness behind the Universe. Unless you can support your idea in the bible then going by the bible as proof of your idea makes no sense.

          This claim is simply making a pointless attack at me which has no basis in a single word I ever said. In short this is the typical Christian trying to degrade a discussion into an argument because they can’t deny the historical evidence so they resort to making up claims that were never said. You said, “I interpret the Bible and Christianity in a particular way and it is the right way and the only way to interpret God. That interpretation shows God is an ass and therefore God does not exist. You are wrong if you believe otherwise since my belief is right.”

          The bible God is an Ass and if you can’t see that you are a Fundamentalist Christian that is so closed minded that you will cherry pick your bible to high hell making sure to rip out all of the nasty parts that you do not like or do not fit your Consciousness idea.

          I have tried to keep from treating you like the ignorant Christian’s i deal with constantly on You Tube but when you made a claim that is completely false and not what i said and wanting to apply it to me that is a personal attack and I do not appreciate that. Further more I can show Book, Chapter & Verse not only to where the bible God is an Ass but that Jesus was just as big of an Ass and in some ways an even Bigger Ass.
          This is not cherry picking this is looking at what is there without the rosey fucking glasses.

          Also I am not the one that demands I am right that would be the Christian’s / You. I do not share your views so you resort to accusing me of things i never said. I see no Evidence to support the contention that the bible is anything but a collection of stolen stories and combined myths that were common at that historical time. IE the Savior born of a virgin, on December 25th, with 12 disciples, Crucified, Resurrection, miracles, etc

          These stories were as common back then as Vampire & Warewolf stories are in our society.

          Don’t accuse me of saying things which I have not said!

        • I think we’ll both end up with sore heads at this rate.
          I’m willing to keep going.

          You explained why the Bible survived, not why it is different to any other books (which is my point). I’ll rephrase my question then: Why is the Bible so different that it causes people to force it to survive using such disgusting means where no other book causes that kind of behaviour? Not the fact it did survive but why. I’m interested in root causes, not superficial observations. If it is just a “collection of stolen stories and combined myths that were common at that historical time” then why does it create such division where nothing else from the time or before or since has done that and how did the many authors collaborate to do that?

          I don’t want to get into a chapter and verse discussion. I can show where God is an ass and where the Bible contradicts itself – big deal. My whole point is that any one verse can be interpreted many ways so it wouldn’t prove anything. If you Google bible god love or consciousness there’ll be plenty of discussion to read. Needless to say that once I came to the understanding then the more and more I read the more and more it made sense to me, but I just couldn’t see it before I understood it. That’s how I think it is read, with the understanding of the reader as a map of humanity. This discussion again is proving it and even the understanding that it is a pack of lies is held with passion – why? Parables, pearl before swine, casting seed onto paths etc etc to understand understanding.

          I never said I would rip out the nasty parts. I said before that I don’t hide from it, I simply interpret it differently to you. You think I’m wrong. I think you’re right in your perception, which is simply different to mine.

          I’m not trying to make an argument of it. You seemed to get upset when I said your interpretation was that God is an ass and its the only interpretation, then you proceeded to explain why you are right and I’m wrong and why I’m a fundamentalist. Sorry, but most fundamentalists would never call me a Christian to start with. I don’t have a problem with that. Many of the early mystical Christians were burned or worse for being heretics. Many of the mystical chapters were removed or never included in the Bible we know of today. Which version is right? You seem to know and are willing to shout me down as ignorant. I am saying that there’s more than one way to interpret it and for that I’m called a fundamentalist. (Can I slap my forehead again now?) Putting a label on me such as fundamentalist or ignorant might make it easy to dismiss my arguments, but I’d rather you actually dismiss the arguments themselves rather than me personally.

          In summary two questions:
          Why does a collection of stolen stories engender such passion even from people who don’t believe them?

          Can you honstly deny the evidence that people interpret the Bible differently according to their own underlying beliefs (as is not done for any other book)?
          Would a denial of this evidence be akin to a delusion?
          (You know I can’t count so forgive me again.)

          • mrgoodnkinky says:

            Double Facepalm!

            I have Yet to Shout once! You are now accusing me of trying to shout you down by pointing to Historical facts. Can you stop making assertions that are not based on reality but only your own desire to make me an enemy because i think differently?

            I have been trying to remain calm but you seem bound and determined to get me to yell at you so you can be see he is just another angry atheist. Ignoring the fact that you are making up bullshit after bullshit and never admitting that what you said was false. This is classic fundamentalism.

            The claim that you make of “My whole point is that any one verse can be interpreted many ways so it wouldn’t prove anything.” Shows me you clearly do not understand how to take words back to their original Greek or Hebrew to see how those words are defined.
            There aren’t multiple ways to correctly interpret any verse when you look at the words in question and see the Context of what is being talked about.

            You want to ask yet Again “why the Bible survived, not why it is different to any other books” Which tells me you either can’t see or refuse to see that Christian’s using Torture & Murder to push their religion and Instilling a mindset of Fear if you Think differently will directly lead to why the bible Survives and is different from any other book. It is different because No body was burned alive for not believing any other book!

            Simply put when you brutalize a people for as long as the Christian religion has and you instill a mindset of Fear both of the God and of the Church this will cause parents to teach this to their children and those children teach it to their children and on and on!

            I seriously didn’t think i needed to rub your nose in exactly how religion is passed down from parent to child and the ideas instilled in the child by the parent is what most cling to without question. Most people do not stop and question the ideas that are forced on them as children. because to do this they can face being an outcast by their family & friends. If not face physical danger by the parents for not thinking as the religious parents demand. Or even being killed by the parents for not going along with the ideas of the parent.

            Fear is a powerful motivator and one Christianity has taken full advantage of ever since that cult of death began with Constantine!

            If it wouldn’t have been for Christianity being forced on society after society at the treat of Endless Torture by the God and Physical danger by the Church in life it wouldn’t have survived. The Bible is the book the Christian’s pound so Logically that would be what they want to make Perfect and wonderful. When anyone that can fucking read can see it is a brutal book that advocates the worst possible behaviors not promoting Love & Peace as so many Christian’s want to claim!

            To try and say about Bible codes that is the dumbest thing ever uttered. Because you can use the same Bullshit to get so-called Prophecies from Moby Dick. This was done BTW. You can use the bible code bullshit with Any book and you will find some names and words that you can match to historical events. This doesn’t mean Moby Dick or any other book was divinely inspired!

            I can support what I claim with Evidence. Which is different from what you are doing because you have yet to show Book, Chapter & Verse to show a Consciousness behind the Universe. Your making a claim doesn’t magically mean your claim is true because you say it. You must provide evidence / proof or the claim is meaningless.

          • I’m going to reply to the original so we get more space and less indent…

  4. Arrgh,
    I lost half my post I’ll start again.

    It is probably just a language thing but usually when someone swears at me I assume they are not happy with me or are trying to “shout” or be “forceful” with their opinions. Maybe it’s just how you write. Sorry if I read it the wrong way.

    I don’t want to see you as an angry atheist, but I do see you as a rational one that tries to use reason which is why I’m still going at this and am still trying. I want you to try to pull apart my arguments (rather than me) so I can see if or where I may have erred. Again I’ll say I made a claim that even if there is no God the Bible has been pushed hard but why. You have refuted that claim by saying the Bible has been pushed hard. Yeah, I know that. I’m asking why. If it is a mish mash of stolen stories then why haven’t the original stories been pushed that hard? Why is the Bible special?

    I say it has been because it is like no other book ever written (even if it is a copy of those other books) and has divine inspiration. Your refutation of that seems to be that you don’t believe it. I get that but even if you are correct and it is lies, it doesn’t explain why it is also believed by so many and disbelieved by so many and equally with such passion. Why such a fuss over a book of lies? You can’t say there is a fuss because there is a fuss, I want to go deeper and ask why.
    So it is time to put up or shut up (equally applied to myself and you – and you are welcome to hold me to that).

    You say you can support your claims with evidence so…
    Where is your evidence that the Bible would not exist today if it wasn’t for the brutal way it has been pushed? To my way of thinking that’s just hypothesis based on conjecture. There is no and can be no evidence for your statement.

    Where is your evidence for saying there are not multiple ways to interpret the Bible? My evidence is you using the Bible to disprove God. My evidence is Christianity itself and all the denominations. Why do they disagree on even fundamentals such as the trinity? Some say there are three and others say there is one. That is my evidence that there are multiple ways. They differ on fundamentals such as salvation through works or faith and even some who say it is pre-destined from the book of life. That’s my evidence for my view, what’s yours? Yes, there is a literal method. Yes, there is a historical language method (even then they disagree on definitions and which language where), and there is an “inspirational” method, and there is a method of simply using the current translation for the meaning. Which ONE of these is right and why just that one and no other and where’s your evidence?

    Furthermore, using the Bible itself it says you need the Holy Spirit, it says Jesus spoke in parables and it says there’s no point saying too much to people who don’t understand (pearls before swine, seeds on rocks). I have mentioned these before.

    As for consciousness in the Bible I’ll try to make a start, mostly from memory and paraphrasing…..

    We were created in God’s image
    The kingdom of God is within us
    Jesus said we are all gods
    God is light
    Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thereby creating relativity and “us against them” and they hid themselves from God (not the other way around), and created separation from God which didn’t exist before.
    Jesus said we can do all the things he did and more
    Jesus said we should be perfect as the father in heaven is perfect
    The apostles were in the world but not of the world
    Jesus said we are all Gods
    When God uses his own name it is I AM THAT I AM but tells Moses to tell the people that I AM sent him. This correlates to ayaruvedic teachings about I AM and consciousness. God is consciousness expressing consciousness as well as pure consciousness (you’ll say this is stolen but it is there).
    God’s spirit lives in us and we are God’s temple
    There is also a method of interpreting the book of revelation that relates it back to the 7 chakras and this book reveals how to open them up to attain “Christ-consciousness” and be seated at the right hand of the father.
    As I’ve said the entire book can be read as a map of humanity from the fall (separation from “whatever it is but commonly known as God”) all the way through all the stages of human development (as horrible as some of them may be) through to the end to “enlightenment” or “realisation” or “surrender” or “salvation” depending on which term is more familiar to you.
    Again, a similar concept to the wheel of life in Hindu traditions, maybe stolen but the link is there.

    That’s enough. This is already too long.

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