3 easy steps to manage 3 easy steps

Somehow whenever I see something that says “you can do anything in just 3 easy steps” I seem to try and fail.  The steps are never quite as easy as they seem at first.  It really makes me feel a bit deflated until I find the 3 easy steps to get rid of the deflated feeling.  So I’ve developed this guide to following easy steps.  To make it user friendly I’ve written it in 3 easy steps.

1.       Following my steps means we MUST end up in different places.

Why?  Because we started in different places.

Watch out for the first step

The easier the steps seem the more likely that we’ll end up further apart.  I could give you precise latitude and longitude for the starting point and then measurements and compass points for each successive step with exact guides on how you use your equipment.  But somehow this is no longer “3 easy steps” but a full instruction manual.  But even then I could only make sure that you’d be a bit closer to me based on the accuracy of my and your equipment and your ability to exactly follow instructions and for me to make sure no tiny step has been left out.

When it comes to personal development the starting point can make a huge difference.  Not to mention the amount of baggage that needs to be carried over those 3 easy steps.  Just because I can do it doesn’t mean you have to be able to do the same in the same way.

While I’m at it, also beware of the false starting point.  Quite often you read the 3 easy steps and it says anybody can do it because I did and I’m a normal person.  That’s fine and dandy, but when you read their personal story you find out that just before they found the magic secret about riches they were in debt up to their ears and about to face bankruptcy or were living on the streets.  That was their true starting point, not the bit about being a “normal person”.  Their real first step might have been to get a real passion for money as if nothing else in life mattered.

2.       It isn’t the steps you can see that you have to worry about.

Most of us have probably set goals before.  It is an idea of an achievement we want in our lives.  Between now and that goal in the future is a process full of very many steps we need to climb and sometimes we need to climb down some to get back on the right staircase.  The goal is not just a simple step and we know it.

“Learn to read music” is not a step but a goal.  “Be pure of heart” is not a step but a goal.  “Eliminate limiting beliefs” is not a step but a goal.  “Meditate on awareness daily” is not a step but a goal.  You get the idea.  Learn to differentiate between a step and a goal.  Sometimes those 3 easy steps might actually be 3 goals in disguise.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it WILL make a huge difference to your attitude when or if you stumble on that first “step”.

3.       Apples and oranges aren’t lemons.

What’s easy for me might be totally frustrating and difficult for you, or the other way around.  It’s like comparing apples and oranges.  We all have different skills and talents and just because something doesn’t come as easily to you as other people (or at least as other people tell you) is no reason to think you can’t eventually master the skill – it will just take a bit more time and dedication.  That doesn’t mean you are a lemon for not “getting it” immediately and it also doesn’t mean the instructions are lemons because the writer hasn’t taken into consideration every person that might be reading it.  You need to be able to adapt the instructions to your circumstances and your particular talents; if you can’t then avoid it or make lemonade.

Now, at huge expense to myself and at absolutely no cost to yourself I’m going to give you a free bonus – a fourth step.  But wait – there’s more.  Not only is it free but for a limited time I’m offering you a 100% no obligation money back guarantee.

4.       Don’t trust the fourth step.

Hey, get real.  What’s the use of 3 steps just hanging in mid-air?  They have to get you from somewhere to somewhere else or they really are a bit useless.  We’ve already discussed the starting point in the first of our steps so you already know to be sure you are starting from a similar place to the person giving the instructions, or if not you can relate it to your current position in life.  But what about the fourth step – the landing when you are finished?

Is it really a place you want to be?  Did you want it before you were “sold” on the idea by someone else?  If you want it why do you want it, and is that a good reason?  Will you have to give anything up to get it (you almost always do) and is that a reasonable sacrifice?

So by now I hope you know you can’t trust anything I say in these easy steps – trust me on that.  Stay tuned for my 3 easy steps to developing trust.  It will cost you a small fortune but by now you really need it.

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