Your Belief System

The support for your life and your goals is your belief system.  If your belief system does not support your goals they will not be achieved.  If your belief system does not support your life as you want it then your life will not be as you want.

It’s as simple as that!

Your belief system that supports your goals and your life is made up of three parts:

  • Your beliefs
  • Your values, and
  • Your motivations.

All three are intertwined and work together and sometimes it is hard to know which is which, but they are all there.

The following diagram helps to explain it better than words can do.

A balanced belief system

Each level builds on the one below it to create a stable platform for you to live your life.

The up arrows on each level of the platform are supporting beliefs, supporting values or supporting motivations.  These will help you to be stable in living the life you want to lead or will support you in achieving your goals.  Without these supports your life will tumble.

The down arrows on each level of the platform are limiting beliefs, limiting values or limiting motivations.  These will limit your growth and destabilise your life so it cannot be what you want it to be and will limit your actions so you are unlikely to achieve your goals.  These will hold you back and make you unbalanced.

If your beliefs and values are destabilised then you will need super strong motivation to counteract that and get what you want.  There are people out there like that and you might know some of them, but it is always hard work.

You can also have more than one platform to cover different areas in your life.  That’s why people can excel in one area but not be too great in another area.

It’s also possible for the same belief or value to be supporting in one area but limiting in another.  For example the value of “Being nice is more important than being rich and you can’t be both” will support your friendships but limit your wealth creation.

An easy way to remember the three separate levels is by asking the following questions:

Beliefs: What do I believe about…?
Values:  What is important to me about…?
Motivation:  What do I want with regards to…?

That looks fine and easy when you just read it, but what happens if you have a very strong limiting belief or value or motivation?  That means that the down arrows get bigger and heavier than the up arrows, and you platform gets lop sided.  You can think of the limiting beliefs as heavy weights dragging you down and supporting beliefs as springs holding you up.  Have a look at the next picture.

An unbalanced belief system just makes life hard

Do you ever get the feeling that you are always running up hill no matter what you do in your life?  Now you might have a better idea of how that can happen even when you are not going anywhere.  In the above diagram the limiting beliefs and limiting values and limiting motivations are all very strong and causing the platform of your life to be unbalanced.

I think being balanced is to get to the limiting beliefs, limiting values and limiting motivations and reduce them in size, and at the same time increase the size of the supporting beliefs, supporting values and supporting motivations.  When you understand what holds you back and why then you have a chance to be more balanced and get what you want.

True balance is achieved by working on every aspect of your belief system and not just the surface motivation which is the easy target for a quick fix.


Your belief system is also the support for your goals.  The principle is exactly the same except that instead of you standing at the top, it is your rocket ship that will take you to your goals since your goals are not where you are now but where you want to be in the future.  The rocket ship of your goals will take you there.

The rocket to your goals is fuelled by you effort and navigated by your specific plans.

Without your effort the rocket will not go very far and you will not achieve your goals.  If you don’t have good plans for navigation you could hit any target, or miss entirely.

If your platform is unbalanced then you will need extra good plans to make up for the bad start.  Alternatively you can just have huge reserves of effort and stamina to just keep on going regardless of how you started or where you are going.

The target is also important because if you set a target that is too difficult and too far off into the future you will need huge amounts of energy just to keep going with no end in sight, and also need brilliant navigation to get you there if things change on the way.  If it is too far away then maybe break it up into steps.

On the other hand, if the target is too easy and too close it is hardly worth the effort of always launching rocket ships so eventually you won’t bother even trying.

The best and easiest way is to have a balanced platform before you start.  Have a well-defined plan that is achievable but challenging, have a good navigation system that is flexible if something changes while you are in the air, and then enjoy the ride.

Remember that you can have belief systems and goals and plans in many different parts of your life all at the same time.  Some of these may include, love, career, finances, health, family, relationships, spirituality, and community.  How is each of these going for you?  Score each one out of 10 and see which needs a bit of extra balance or effort.


But wait, haven’t we forgotten something?

All of those platforms need to stand on something solid and have some foundation that underpins it all. What could that be?

You can find your belief system through the three questions of:

Beliefs: What do I believe about…?

Values:  What is important to me about…?

Motivation:  What do I want with regards to…?

So what do all of these questions produce?

A statement of who you think you are.

Identity: I am….

Your identity is even more fundamental than your beliefs about a given situation because it defines what you believe about your Self, not just the outside world.

Your “I am…” statements are what you use to define yourself to your Self. If you believe that you are not worth loving then no matter how motivated you are to find love or how important it is to you then chances are you will not find it or when you do you’ll find a way to lose it again.  You might end up stuck in and endless loop of finding it (based on your belief system) and then losing it (based on your “I am…” statement).  The same principle applies to money or success or anything else I can think of.

Have you noticed that some guides to setting goals say that your goals should start with a phrase like “I am…” or to put your goal into the present tense so you feel like you have it right now? I think these types of goals go to the heart of the matter and adjust the foundations of your belief system.  Of course your belief system also needs to be in order, but at least now you’ll understand how it all works and fits together.

If this makes sense to you and you want examples of how it works in real life, or more information on your personality, or how your entire system works, then there is a free 100 page report available for immediate download (no sign-up, no email, just click and download) at Click here to go to the download.

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