How to Live Rich in 3 easy steps

OK, here we go on the simplest and fastest way available on the internet or anywhere else to help you live rich.  Guaranteed or your money back.

First of all we need to look at exactly what will be needed to make you “rich”.

Will it be $1,000,000 or maybe even $25,000,000.  That should do it, don’t you think?  If you had 25 million dollars you’d feel pretty rich.  If that isn’t enough then just substitute a number that suits you.  Remember this is how to live rich, not obscenely rich so try to be just a bit realistic (like $25,000,000 is just a bit realistic).

Mmmmm, Nice.

So let’s see what sort of lifestyle you’d have with your $25,000,000.

How would you treat your bills and debts?  What?  You think you’d have none!  Well we are always in debt of some kind in our world even if only for a very short time and it comes in the form of an invoice or bill.  So how would you treat them?  If it was me I’d pay them all on time and in full.

Would you be able to buy a private Lear jet?  Maybe an island in the Maldives?  What about the most expensive house in your state or country?  Nope, I didn’t think so.  You might be able to get the purchase price together but maintenance would eventually dry up everything you have and make you bankrupt.

Speaking of which, could you put the money under your bed and just keep taking some out when you needed it?  Well, maybe if you had very modest living standards and didn’t plan to live very long but you’d be far better off to invest some so it kept on making more money for you.  Even if that was to put it into an interest bearing bank account it would still be an investment to provide future income.

But what about your lifestyle?  How would that be with a huge amount of money?  Well, I bet you would enjoy yourself and spend time and money on yourself and not just slave away all day to make more money that you didn’t really need anyway. You would enjoy yourself.  Woo Hoo.

So, to wrap it all up this is how to live rich in 3 easy steps:

  1. Live within your means.
  2. Pay all debts on time and in full.
  3. Invest a portion of your money for the future.

And just as a bonus for you today, and only for today (unless you come back to read this tomorrow) here is an extra special fourth tip, that might just be the most important.

4.  Enjoy what you have instead of pining for what’s not yours.

Why do you think that most people who win the lottery lose all their money (and often more) in a very short space of time?  It’s because even with all that money they don’t know how to live rich.  Living rich is not a money issue at all but is an attitude and lifestyle issue.  The amount of money only changes the level of living rich, not if you can or not.  Some people without a lot of money live very rich lives, and as you’d know some people
with a lot of money do not live rich at all.

Are you living rich today, and if not, why not?  Seriously; why not?  If you had some extra dollars would you be living rich with it or living exactly the way you do now but with some extra dollars?  Living rich is not a money issue.  What’s stopping you from living rich

Try it.
You might like it.

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