This blog is most likely going to be aimed at all the taboo “pleasant dinner” conversations like religion and politics and the meaning of life in general and also why us people do the odd things we do.

Let me tell you a bit about my thinking processes before I get carried away and write lots of stuff.  That way you’ll know if you want to read further.

The blog is called third observation for lots of reasons. Three is a very important number in the creation of the world (there are a few posts just in that) and observations are also an important part in the creation of the world (I can already sense a lot more posts coming). But if you and I were looking at the same scene we would be observing different things. For the image in the heading of the page (I hope that I’ll be able to fill the blog with nothing but my own photos) I might be looking at the ocean and you might be looking at the rocks.

We could agrue over who was right or wrong but what’s the point since they are just observations made from our own viewpoints.  But there’s always a third observation, in this case the photo was taken using only infrared light so neither of us actually could “see” what is in the photo even if we were both there at the time of it being taken.

The photo in the words is called “Vortex to the Void” and shows the waves in the rocks pointing to the waves in the ocean all under the waves in the clouds.  It is part of a series of photos I call three dimensional images (there’s that magic number gain) and even though all the images are strictly speaking two dimensional the third dimension is “meaning”.

One of my pet sayings is “It all depends on how you look at it”.

I’ll be sharing some of the ways I look at things and I must admit they do seem to be alternative the the mainstream (if you haven’t already guessed that). I hope if you see a view you are interested in that you will share your own observations. I like discussing things like these so I welcome your view even if it is totally opposed to my own.

Just a warning to you. I have written a book called an Alternative Guide to Your Self and you can find it by following this link: An Alternative Guide to Your Self.  The link takes you to a web site which I hope is not the usual sales guff but does have some useful information on it. Of course you can buy it if you like but it’ll be there tomorrow too.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you some time.


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